9 – 13th September 2014 – Cities on Volcanoes 8 Conference (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

In September, Anna, Rich and Katie attended Cities on Volcanoes 8 Conference. The conference was held in Yogyakarta, on the foothills of Merapi volcano, Indonesia, one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. This major international volcanology conference is held every 2 years, each time in a different volcanic area of the world, bringing together hundreds of volcanologists, city authorities, emergency managers and economists, to evaluate volcanic crises, preparedness and management in populated areas.

Katie presented a poster outlining the Ascension Island project and summarising preliminary field results. Many people were fascinated by the excellent examples of a huge range of volcanic deposits found on Ascension and are excited about what our investigation will reveal about the volcanic history of Ascension.

Other highlights of the conference included a fascinating fieldtrip to the beautiful but deadly Merapi volcano and an evening showing of the traditional Ramayana ballet at the ancient and spectacular Hindu Prambanan temple, a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

cities on volcanoes image

Cities on Volcanoes 8 Flyer

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