We are lucky to have a team that contains a wealth and breadth of knowledge working on this project. Collaboration is key in volcanic hazard planning and mitigation, take a look at who we are and see some of the exciting things we hope to be working on!

Jenni Barclay

Jenni is a Professor of Volcanology at the University of East Anglia. She is particularly interested in how scientific knowledge of volcanic systems can be used to reduce the societal risk posed by eruptions. Her roots are in volcanic petrology and this project is particularly exciting for her as petrological knowledge, dating and field-based volcanology … Continue reading Jenni Barclay

Richard Brown

Richard is a lecturer at Durham University. His research interests range across volcanology, but in particular focus on pyroclastic sedimentology – the movement of volcanic ash and debris across the Earth’`s surface or through the atmosphere following explosive volcanic eruptions. All of my research starts with detailed studies in the field, measuring, mapping and sampling … Continue reading Richard Brown

Katy Chamberlain

Katy is a volcanologist and igenous petrologist who will be taking up a lectureship at the University of Derby in January 2018. She has studied the volcanic and plutonic rocks of Ascension Island as part of postdoctoral roles at Durham University and the Japan Agency for Marine Earth Sciences. Katy is primarily involved in the … Continue reading Katy Chamberlain

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC). In the Ascension project he is helping measure the age of the lavas and pyroclastic deposits on the island, using argon-argon geochronology. This data will be used to understand the frequency of eruptions on Ascension Island. … Continue reading Ben Cohen

Anna Hicks

Anna is a volcanologist and science communicator at the British Geological Society. She is applying interdisciplinary research methods on Ascension, in order to conduct a needs assessment of the stakeholders and to help design scenarios with narratives that not only reflect likely volcano activity, but also take context-driven influences into account (e.g. weather; local politics; … Continue reading Anna Hicks

Sue Loughlin

Sue is Head of Volcanology at the British Geological Survey. Her expertise is wide-ranging, including a period as Director of the volcanic observatory in Montserrat. As a result, she is familiar with the multi-disciplinary study of volcanoes, the real-time analysis of data and the need for rapid synthesis of information for decision-makers. Loughlin was a … Continue reading Sue Loughlin

Darren Mark

Darren is a Professor at SUERC. Everything comes down to timing. But it is not just about when – it is also about how fast. The temporal resolution of the stratigraphic record, the only account of the 4.6 billion years of Earth history, is the primary control on the complexity of questions Earth Scientists can … Continue reading Darren Mark

Katie Preece

Katie is currently a Research Associate at SUERC. She is reconstructing the eruptive history of Ascension by combining data collected during fieldwork on the island, with analyses in the laboratory. The rocks hold clues to Ascension’s fiery history. Therefore, by making detailed observations and measurements of the rocks on the island, Katie will be able … Continue reading Katie Preece

Fin Stuart

Fin is a Professor of isotope geochemistry, and the head of the noble gas laboratories at SUERC. He has developed techniques for measuring in situ cosmogenic isotopes in surface rocks to determine the pace of landscape change and applying low temperature thermochronometers for establishing constraints on the denundation history of mountain belts. In this project … Continue reading Fin Stuart

Charlotte Vye-Brown

Charlotte is a Volcanologist at the British Geological Survey. She specialises in volcanic geology, lava flow emplacement, large magnitude volcanic eruptions and geochemistry. Charlotte is looking at the volcanic deposits on Ascension Island and will bring together the outcomes from many parts of the project, including dating to establish eruption frequency, to produce a volcanic … Continue reading Charlotte Vye-Brown

Jon Davidson

Jon was a Professor of Earth Sciences and Deputy Head of Science Faculty (Research). Jon obtained a BSc Honours degree in Geological Sciences from Durham University in 1981 followed by a PhD from the University of Leeds in 1984. He was appointed to Durham in 2000 and served as Head of Department until 2005. He … Continue reading Jon Davidson

Bridie Davies

Bridie is a first year PhD student at the University of East Anglia. As a keen petrologist and passionate science communicator Bridie is excited to be part of this collaborative project. She will be looking in detail at the felsic lavas and pyroclastic deposits found on the island performing textural and compositional analyses in order … Continue reading Bridie Davies

Jane Scarrow

Jane is a geologist at the University of Granada, Spain, currently based at the University of East Anglia, UK, with a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship. She is focusing on Ascension Island igneous rocks as part of her project ‘VESPER: Volcanoes – eruptive style, pre-eruptive evolution and risk’. The aim of her research is to use erupted magmas … Continue reading Jane Scarrow

Rebecca Winstanley

Becca is a first year PhD student at Durham University, supervised by Dr Rich Brown, Dr Katy Chamberlain, Dr Charlotte Vye-Brown, Dr Katie Preece and Dr Fabian Wadsworth. She did her MscR on the Sisters scoria cone complex and will now move her focus onto the fissure known as Devil’s Ink Pot, found down at … Continue reading Rebecca Winstanley